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Working with Arrays in Bash

I learned more writing this post than I expected to.

9 months ago - 5 minute read

Python Unveiled

Idioms, Standard Library Gems, and Snake Traps to Avoid

about 1 year ago - 15 minute read

Hello, 2022

Or should I call you 2020, too?

over 2 years ago - 2 minute read

jf - A JSON path finder written in Go

A CLI utility that searches for a value in JSON files and prints out paths that point to that value.

about 4 years ago - 1 minute read

Preserving leading zeros when writing CSV files for Excel

How to write a CSV such that Excel doesn't drop leading zeros where they're needed. Postal codes are a great example of when those leading zeros contain valuable information.

about 4 years ago - 4 minute read

Software Reliability

A quick post on defining what reliability means in terms of software development.

about 4 years ago - 1 minute read

Make Git Forget About Files Previously Tracked

Useful for adding a gitignore file later into a project.

about 4 years ago - 1 minute read

Refactoring: Parameter Objects

Introducing parameter objects into your code.

about 4 years ago - 1 minute read

Compiling GO for Synology NAS

Compiling GO binaries for the synology platform.

about 4 years ago - 1 minute read

I Created an Arc Reactor!

...And then my wife took it.

over 5 years ago - 5 minute read

Building A Custom Music Box (Part 1)

My wife loves the movie Pan's Labyrinth. In that movie, there's a lullaby and she's mentioned to me several times that she has always wanted a music box that plays that lullaby.

over 6 years ago - 3 minute read

Automating the Boring Search for an iPhone X

T-Mobile didn't let me pre-order the new iPhone. So I had to write a script to notify me when there was stock nearby.

over 6 years ago - 2 minute read

How I Used Python and Boto3 to Modify CSV's in AWS S3

Using Python to write to CSV files stored in S3. Particularly to write CSV headers to queries unloaded from Redshift (before the header option).

almost 7 years ago - 2 minute read

Automating Christmas with Particle, Docker, and Siri

This was an incredibly fun project to do and gave me an excuse to not only put our Christmas tree up well before December, but to also keep it well into January. I'm not entirely sure how much this would cost if you had to buy each part separately.

over 7 years ago - 5 minute read

Choices for Choices in Django CharFields

You have multiple choices when implementing a multiple choice field in Django.

over 7 years ago - 2 minute read